Shirley's passion is design. Even as a child her free time was spent drawing furniture and rooms, drafting floor plans and checking out the latest in mod decor. She earned a degree in architecture, continued on to study business and earned a business degree as well. Her experience is diverse working in architectural firms for 6 years and high tech corporations for 12.

Her architectural training informs her design as she leads with function and follows with form. Her business background serves her well in tightly managing complex projects to a successful outcome.

Shirley’s ability to truly listen to clients, gain insight into their real needs and provide thrilling transformations has established her as a sought after Bay Area designer.


Personal environment matters. The right space enhances outlook, inner peace and productivity. It can't be easily measured or proven, but it's instinctive.

Your home should reflect the very best version of you. The look of one's house is an extension of one's personality. Even if you don't know exactly what your style is, Shirley will inspire individuality that makes you say, "that's me." Style and function co-exist beautifully. A room designed to be bulletproof can also be completely hip and stylish with the right lighting, fabrics, storage solutions and floor coverings.


A designer is often asked what their style is. It's clear from the Shirley Parks Design portfolio that there is no particular style dictated. She is as enthusiastic working with her clients wanting to incorporate their 19th century pieces as she is with the clients who want a totally modern look. What she is consistent around is really tuning in and gaining insight into what her client's distinctive style statement should be.

Shirley's designs often combine inspirations from multiple periods and styles while feeling unquestionably part of the 21st century.

The end result are chic rooms that function beautifully for today.